What we do

We are a FIRST Robotics Competition team (FRC). FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” Students who join our team learn how to build and program a 120 lb  robot to perform tasks and also many other skills.

Are you interested in learning hands-on mechanical skills on tools like the lathe, CNC machine, band saw, drill press, and mill? Are you interested in doing welding, woodworking, carpentry, and electrical work?  If so, this is the team for you. For those more interested in the software side, we also have a programming team that uses Java to program our robot.

If none of those areas interest you, you can join the administration and marketing team and learn about marketing, logistics planning, social media, website management, fundraising, media  production, and  administrative skills that are applicable in the real business world. The admin team also works closely with the student leadership team to help them manage the team and plan out the season.

Yes, we build a robot, but what do we really do? We engineer the future!

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